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The Desktop versions of games on this site can be downloaded here:

Only for Microsoft Windows

NOTE: Please be cautious when downloading EXE files and be sure to scan for viruses!

Below is a description of the Windows Desktop games: (updated 2015)

Click Here to play Simple Strategy Online (RTS)

"Simple Strategy" is a Real Time Strategy game that I designed with the goal of showing how a working RTS game can be created with only a small bit of coding. After completing that first 'framework' version, I have continued to improve it using features suggested by friends, and by implementing my latest and most challenging code libraries.

I do not claim that this game is fun or balanced, but it is a combination of some of my latest code and ideas. It was the most fun game for me to program and test, and I would love to re-visit it and make changes if I get enough requests/ideas to improve it.

Click Here to play Orbits Online (Arcade)

Orbits is a game that I designed recently to review my code for calculating angles and rotating. It is also one of only a few games that I have created to follow a story (Planet Jumper is another one), and I believe that this one has turned out more successfully than others. Since I made this game more recently, it was a good candidate to convert to a Windows 10 Metro (Store) App.

The desktop version of this game saves the progress at checkpoints, but this was not implemented in the store version, mainly because there are not enough 'levels' for saving the game half way through to make it interesting.

Click here to play Cling Online (Arcade)

"Cling" is an arcade game that I made based on a very simple idea of avoiding blocks while the gravity changes. It is also one of only a few games that I can still enjoy when I play it afterwards.

This is the second update of cling, and adds the green blocks, multiplayer functionality (Arrows and WASD) and stylised block pictures that the first version did not have. I would like to keep this game as simple as possible, so I will only make improvements to this game if they are really obvious to new players, and if they still seem natural after repetitive testing.

Click Here to Play Peak Project Online (FPS)

"Peak Project" is my most recent FPS game. It is a sandbox game with (currently overpowered) enemies and a variety of weapons. I uploaded it earlier because the graphics and physics are a lot better than in Planet Jumper, and it is much more representative of my programming abilities. The main reason I stopped updating the Windows Desktop version is because it is very difficult for new players to start playing, and it is boring for experienced players who don't have a clear goal (eg. no achievements left, no clear goal in a sandbox map). I remember having constant battles with menu layout and in-game objects until just deciding that something was 'good enough'.

Click Above to download Planet Jumper for Windows Desktop (FPS)

"Planet Jumper" was my first 3D game to successfully use the polygon drawing function that I learned to use. There are still some obvious bugs, and it isn't very easy to learn if you haven't played an FPS game before. Despite this, I think that it is my most fun FPS game, since each new stage of the level has new things to try and points to get.

I have recently re-visited this game and made some adjustments to the difficulty levels and screen-drawing code, and I still feel like there are improvements to be made. I also came across a multilayer difficulty for the levels themselves, which I never implemented. Any other suggestions or bug-complaints for this game would definitely be helpful.